PARIS AIR SHOW : Our president tested a PNEUMAT electric machine !
Monday, June 19, 2017

The French President Emmanuel MACRON tested a PNEUMAT electric machine at the Paris Air show!

The test took place at the LISI AEROSPACE booth, a FFDM customer. LISI AEROSPACE is a world leader in fasteners and structural components for aerospace applications. Our President handled a PNEUMAT VEAS machine equipped with a nose to carry out a manual operation of screwdriving. Designed and manufactured in Bourges at our subsidiary FFDM-PNEUMAT, this tool is used for screwdriving operations in difficult-to-access recesses and benefits from very accurate tightening control capabilities. What a very nice first day at the show! See you tomorrow for more adventures on cutting tools and aircraft! @TIVOLYfrance @FFDM-PNEUMAT @LISIAerospaceCorporate