TIVOLY & PEUGEOT: A shared DNA of technical expertise and performance

At the end of October 2023 and the end of March 2024, two waves of communication around "La maison Peugeot présente les objets extraordinaires" will be visible in more than 25 major French cities, through a poster campaign as well as nationally via digital channels, display and social networks. The Peugeot's ambition is to showcase the bicentenary brand's ability to create, innovate and evolve.

  • 25.10.2023
  • Corporate

Within the various sectors covered by the Peugeot brand - tableware, the beginnings of cars and cycles, home furnishings, fashion, wine, sports equipment - tools are naturally the area in which Tivoly will be able to develop, supported by Peugeot Frères Industrie. Our logo is now enhanced by the lion's endorsement "Developed By Peugeot". TIVOLY & PEUGEOT? This is our shared history.


TIVOLY & PEUGEOT: A shared DNA of technical expertise, performance and family roots in France

Sharing the Peugeot brand's values of ingenuity, technical expertise and family spirit, the family business Tivoly has been supported by Peugeot Frères Industrie since 2022 in the internationalisation of its distribution, the acceleration of its product innovation and the strengthening of its social commitments. Tivoly developed by Peugeot is a recent story, but one that is already firmly rooted in our shared industrial origins of steel transformation by ingenious men. Tivoly developed by Peugeot is the meeting of two brands with the same demand for high-performance, innovative products, and the same keen sense of customer relations.


PEUGEOT: 213 years' experience in tools

1810: Creation of "Peugeot Frères Aînés et J. Maillard Salins".   Toolmaking has been at the heart of Peugeot's industrial history since 1810. Brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric joined forces with Jacques Maillard-Salins to create "Peugeot Frères Aînés et J. Maillard Salins". They transformed the Moulin de Sous-Cratet (Doubs), inherited from their milling ancestors, into a steel foundry where they produced fine steel strips and springs. The Peugeot family's industrial vocation was launched.

1812: Gold medal for the first saws. The Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale awarded a first-class gold medal to Peugeot saws for their quality and price. In just one year, these saws were already shaping up to be a huge success.

1850: Peugeot adopted a logo that would later become inseparable from the name. It would be the lion rampant on an arrow. Resistance, bite, flexibility and speed: four qualities that the lion shares with Peugeot tools.

TIVOLY: over 100 years' experience in cutting tools

1917: it was in Tours-en-Savoie, taking advantage of hydroelectric power, that Lucien Tivoly decided to build his cutting tool factory. He produced American bits: a section of high-speed steel consisting of two ground helical flutes and a sharpened point with a conical relief (a cutting technology that makes drilling precise and efficient). It's an invention that originated in the United States, but French know-how that has continued to be perfected thanks to the ingenuity and expertise of the Tivoly teams.

For 100 years, Tivoly workers have been cutting steel blanks, hardening, grinding, trimming and sharpening nearly 100 tonnes of steel a year, at a rate of up to 100,000 parts a day. Today, Tivoly's expertise in drilling, milling and tapping is firmly rooted in direct partnerships with major manufacturers. Tivoly is recognised for its applications in cutting-edge industries such as aerospace, automotive, smart cards, dental equipment, fluid and gas transport and wind power. The company's ingenuity extends beyond its products, with manufacturing remaining in France and Spain.

For the environment

Through a complete analysis of the life cycle of our solutions, our teams work from the very first designs to use recyclable and recycled raw materials, to reduce packaging and energy consumption. The design, choice of materials and our industrial know-how ensure that our accessories stand up to intense use. Over 70% of our steel is recycled and 83% of our packaging is recyclable.

For end-users, professionals and experts alike.

Our brand is based on French and Spanish know-how and the development of specific industrial applications adapted to demanding environments, intensive use and innovative, complex materials (Titanium, CFRP, etc.).

Our aim is to meet the requirements of cutting-edge industries, construction sites, industrial maintenance (MRO) and the home.

For distribution

Our brand is a beacon of innovation, offering a wide choice of products to meet the specific needs of different distribution channels and end-users: MROs, professionals and expert private customers. Our brand is close to sales outlets in France and Spain, as well as in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.

If you haven't yet discovered the "Peugeot presents extraordinary objects" campaign in its entirety, visit the maison-peugeot.fr website!