Quality and the customer are our top priorities.

Our vocation: We are a family-owned industrial and international group.

Our vocation is to provide our customers with machining solutions as well as tools and services for professionals and individuals.

Our objectives: Profitable growth, Notoriety (brand recognition), Innovation and sustainability, Quality and operational excellence.

Our values: Ethics, Respect for the environment, Commitment, Listening and curiosity, Teamwork

Our policy is based on :

Customer knowledge and satisfaction
Operational excellence
Motivated and involved people (employees, shareholders, partners).


Quality policy TIVOLY

Environmental Health & Safety Policy TIVOLY 

Certificate ISO9001 TIVOLY

Certificate ISO9001 FFDM

Certificate ISO14001 TIVOLY

Certificate ISO13485 FFDM

Certificate ISO9001 NECO_1

Certificate ISO9001 NECO_2

Certificate ISO14001 NECO_1

Certificate ISO14001 NECO_2

Certificate ISO9001 TIVOLY INC

Certificate ISO14001 TIVOLY INC

Certificate ISO9001 TIVELON

Certificate ISO14001 TIVELON

Certificate FSC


In the medical field, we are ISO 13485 certified and all THOMAS products are CE marked; certificate issued by the GMED.