Standard and special tools

Mechanical production market with a technological offer composed of standard and special "made-to-measure" tools


Our ranges meet the needs of the most demanding sectors of activity with technical solutions and innovations to meet all operations and all machining modes (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)


We place our know-how at your disposal to assist you in your machining operations. TIVOLY makes all types of tools on request. 

Special drills: drills with 2, 3 or 4 lips, combined drills, reamer drills, stepped drills, square drills with straight flutes, tools with central watering, coated tools.

Special milling cutters: Form milling cutters, HSC milling cutters, hard material milling cutters, roughing or finishing milling cutters.

Special reamers: reamers with 3 or more teeth, step reamers, combination reamers (for making countersinks or milling)

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