La Pierra Menta & TIVOLY: 38 years of shared history!

Did you know that the original name of the Pierra Menta was "Pierra Menta TIVOLY"? There are some events where the mere mention of the name evokes faces and emotions, but also a celebration of the mountains. This 38th edition of the Pierra Menta will once again be a fine example of this. See you from 13 to 16 March 2024!

  • 29.02.2024
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# The history of the Pierra Menta

The history of the Pierra Menta goes back to the idea of a group of ski-mountaineering enthusiasts who wanted to organise a race that would test the technical and physical skills of athletes. The name "Pierra Menta" refers to an emblematic mountain of the region, located in the Beaufortain massif.

And while the history of the Pierra Menta dates back to 1986, it is also linked to TIVOLY, which has been following and supporting the event since its inception 38 years ago.

Tivoly, a designer and manufacturer of cutting tools for industry and construction professionals, has shared these shared developments to become one of the leading names in its speciality, and now shares them with the Peugeot brand.

Since 2022, TIVOLY has been supported by Peugeot Frères Industrie in the internationalisation of its distribution, the acceleration of its innovation and the strengthening of its social commitments. Tivoly Developed by Peugeot is a recent story, but one that is already firmly rooted in our shared industrial origins of steel transformation by ingenious men.

# The Pierra Menta: skiers and competition

The Pierra Menta, known to all as "La Pierre" or "La Pierra Ment'", holds a special place in the hearts of ski mountaineering enthusiasts. This winter competition, governed by unwavering devotion, has evolved over the years to become a veritable love affair between skiers and the demanding challenge it represents. Many are seduced by this race, adopting ski-mountaineering, known as skimo, because of this unique event.

The Pierra Menta transcends the simple notions of sporting competition and mountain exploration. It's a complete experience, a not-to-be-missed event for those who share a passion for competition and the mountains. In the words of Jean-Marc Joguet, winner of the first edition in 1986, "we love competition and the mountains". It is this shared passion that unites the participants, creating a dedicated community and an electric atmosphere. Over four intense days, teams of two skiers embark on daily stages, tackling an impressive altitude difference of around 2,500 metres. With a total vertical drop of 10,000 metres, the participants are not only conquering the summits, but also rising to the physical and mental challenge imposed by La Pierra Menta. The hours of training invested take on their full meaning when the skiers find themselves immersed in the unique atmosphere of this competition, triggering indescribable emotions.

The Pierra Menta is more than just a race; it embodies a shared passion, a boundless dedication to the mountains and to competition. It transforms every descent and every ascent into an unforgettable adventure, cementing its status as an exceptional and inimitable event in the world of ski mountaineering.

# The Pierra Menta: between passion and authenticity

The Pierra Menta is more than just a competition in which skiers record their exploits in the pages of history. It is a place steeped in tradition, rusticity and the fierce defence of the values of ski-mountaineering by its organising committee and volunteers, who help to create the myth of this race.

Arêches, a charming Savoyard village at the heart of Beaufort cheese production, sees the mountains as vitally important to its inhabitants. Nestling in this mountain enclave, mutual aid and authenticity are clear and obvious values. Numerous cheese-making families, dedicated to a demanding trade, have shaped the identity of La Pierra Menta. Here, ski-mountaineering is practised not on pistes, but on unique mountains. Unique, technical and breathtaking routes are the quest. Throughout the four days of competition, this subtle mix permeates the event, whether you're a competitor, a volunteer or just a spectator. More than 4,000 people set off from 5am on cross-country skis to the summit of the Grand Mont, the highest point of the race at 2,687 metres, to cheer on the competitors. To the discordant sound of cowbells, cheers and horns, the competitors reach the summit, crossing a steep and technical ridge for over half an hour.

This scene sums up La Pierra Menta, a unique event where the world's best athletes rub shoulders with anonymous amateurs to live out their dreams, in a world where love of the mountains and wide open spaces is combined with a sense of local values.

And of all the sporting events, there is one where the mere mention of the name evokes faces and emotions, but also a celebration of the mountains. This 38th edition of the Pierra Menta will once again be a fine example of this.

TIVOLY is proud to be a part of it.

See you from 13 to 16 March 2024 :

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