Discover our 3 new drills for tiles & porcelain stoneware!

TIVOLY is expanding its range of tile drills with the addition of 3 new products. A drill with a high performance water guide, a "double point reversible" dry drill and a dry drill for grinders. Economical, shanked or adaptable: a solution adapted to your uses and equipment!

  • 25.04.2023
  • Individuals, Professionals

Every time you plan to drill into a tile, there is always a little apprehension. Fear of breaking the bathroom tiles or the tiles in the main room. TIVOLY offers you the right high-performance tools to make your projects a success !

1) The tile/stone drill bit with water [1200182]
Black in colour, this brazed diamond grit tiling bit is used with the TIVOLY water guide reference 110092.

  • The 3-flat shank ensures a good hold in the chuck of portable or corded drills.

  • Its attractive price makes it an affordable product for specific and meticulous use in tiling.

  • Recommended for occasional use.


The "REVERSIBLE" tile / porcelain stoneware / marble drill bit [1200212]
With a gold appearance, this brazed diamond grit tile bit has the particularity of having both sides sharpened for cutting!

In addition to the advantages of the first drill, there are 3 major advantages here: 

  • From a "budget" point of view, the purchase of a "Ø6+Ø8" reversible drill will cost you less than the purchase of 2 drills Ø6 and Ø8mm, not to mention the ecological benefit (1 product instead of 2).

  • From a technical point of view, the concretion of diamond grains at high temperature allows the drilling of PEI class IV-V tiles, with an exceptional life span.

  • In terms of ease and comfort of drilling, the paraffin embedded in the drill bit allows drilling without water, for cleaner and safer "dry" work in an electrical environment (sockets, etc.).


The tile / porcelain stoneware / marble drill bit "FOR GRINDING MACHINE" [1201092]
With a gold appearance, this tile drill has the same technical characteristics as the previous one BUT with an M14 attachment, for fixing on a grinder. 

  • For people who have a grinder for tile work, the changeover to "drilling" mode is thus made easier without changing the machine.  

  • The drilling process is carried out without deflecting the tool on the tile surface, the speed accelerating the drilling process.