TIVOLY just launched on the market its new range of sets CLIPSTER , a concept 100% designed by TIVOLY , innovative and practical .

Advantages and strengths of our new CLIPSTER :

>Original opening system and practice,
>Technical information on the back ,
>Anti-theft system
>Graduated slot for the control and storage of diameters,
>Perfect visibility of the grinding and the shank of drill bits,
>Strength box,
>Compositions of the most used diameters,


Nouvelle gamme de coffrets CLIPSTER TIVOLY

TIVOLY vient de lancer sur le marché sa nouvelle gamme de coffrets pour le perçage CLIPSTER, un concept 100% TIVOLY, innovant et pratique.

Avantages et points forts de nos nouveaux coffrets :


TIVOLY-NECO presenta la nueva gama de estuches CLIPSTER

TIVOLY acaba de lanzar al mercado su nueva gama de estuches para brocas CLIPSTER, un concepto de diseño exclusivo de Tivoly además de totalmente innovador y funcional. 

>Ventajas de los nuevos estuches CLIPSTER: