INDUSTRY> New specific taps for Wind Turbines machining.
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The applied engineering Team of TIVOLY ELORRIO, with its experience in specific threads in HiTech industries, has developed two new taps, allowing the thread in several alloys and metals: cast iron, hardened steels and stainless steels SUPERDUPLEX® type ,used in the manufacture of wind turbines.
The aim of the product development was to offer a higher performance :  these tools are now deployed at leading wind turbine manufacturers in Denmark and China, with significant gains productivity.
Always looking to solve new cases of machining, TIVOLY developed a dedicated range extending to both onshore windmill and marine; starting at the M20 to M48, in 2 lengths and 2 geometries (straight or helical flutes) .
Wind is the energy source that knows the fastest growing in the world, according to various studies, China, the United States of America, Germany, Spain and India account for more than 73.5% of the worldwide installed capacity [2011 data].
The market for offshore wind is a promising growth market: the materials are and will be increasingly complex, because of the requirements in corrosive saline environment.
TIVOLY assists manufacturers in these developments to adapt cutting tools to the various constraints.
The search for the complete machining solution TIVOLY be summarized in 4 steps: extension study and environmental design,rapid manufacture of samples tested with clients and manufacturing, delivery of the final product.