Acquisition of FFDM confirmed
Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2016

After the completion of discussions at the close of September 2016, TIVOLY is pleased to confirm that the acquisition of FFDM Group was finalised on October 17th, 2016.

FFDM ( "Factory of Dental Mechanics and end mills") parent company of FFDM-PNEUMAT,  is specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of end mills and solid carbide cutting tools, pneumatic and power tools, drills for implantology, dental burrs and endodontic instruments.

Founded in 1946 in France, FFDM PNEUMAT is organised around three activities:

- Solid carbide Tooling dedicated to the mechanical and aeronautic industries:

end mills, reamers, twist drills, core drills, chamfering tools, high speed end mills, drill stops, micrometers and  riveting gauges.

- Pneumatic and Electric Tools for the automotive, aerospace and electro-technical  industries:

screwdrivers, grinders, drills, Automatic Drilling Units  for assembling industries.

- Medical Cutting Tools:

dental burrs, manual root canal instruments, special drills for implantology,  universal kits for pivot extraction.

Thanks to its strong product development expertise and innovation capacity, FFDM PNEUMAT is a renowned player in the aerospace sector, the composite industry, mechanics, and in the medical sector with endodontics instruments, implantology drills and dental burrs.


With approximately 140 people on the site of Bourges (France), FDM PNEUMAT reached a turnover of over € 13 millions in 2015, 44% it out of France.

This acquisition is part of a growth strategy for the TIVOLY Group to enhance its offer and strengthen its position in aeronautics and abroad, and to expand in growing markets such as medical devices.