Historical Timeline

TIVOLY is an eponymous, international, family-owned group


Acquisition, (the 17th of October, 2016, the FFDM group ( "Factory of Dental and Mechanical End Mills) parent company of FFDM-PNEUMAT: group specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of Specific cutting tools , of pneumatic and electric tools, drills for implantology and dental burs and endodontic instruments. This acquisition is in TIVOLY development strategy, to strengthen its offering and strengthen its position in the aerospace and internationally, as well as a foothold in growth markets, such as devices medical.


The Combined General Meeting of Shareholders of 20 May 2015, decided to adopt the council system of Directors (9 members) instead of that of the management board and supervisory board.

Jean-François TIVOLY becomes CEO


In 2013, TIVOLY is generating annual turnover of €71 million, employing 604 people on 3 continents and in 8 production sites.

2011 - 2013
  • Livio ELIA was appointed Chairman of the TIVOLY Board of Directors
  • Jean-François TIVOLY was appointed Chairman of the Board for the Holding and Director of Asia.
  • IIgnacio ESNAOLA was appointed TIVOLY Finance Director and joined the TIVOLY Board of Directors.
2000 - 2010
  • Noël TALAGRAND became Chairman of the TIVOLY Board of Directors
  • Jamy TIVOLY became Chairman of the TIVOLY Supervisory Board
  • Jean-François and Marc TIVOLY, 2 of Jamy’s sons, joined the TIVOLY Board
  • PERFOR joined TIVOLY Saint-Etienne and TIVOLY Nant Varin
  • Marc TIVOLY became CEO of TIVOLY Inc.
  • Jean-François TIVOLY became Executive Director of TIVELON and TIVOLYTOOLS.
  • Creation of TIVELON packaging in Shanghai
  • Edouard TIVOLY joined the TIVOLY Supervisory Board.
  • TIVOLY re-organised its governance transversally
  • Marc and Jean-François were appointed as co-Chairmen of the TIVOLY Board.
  • TIVOLY became the Group’s benchmark brand.
  • The group’s organisational structure was simplified.
  • Acquisition of ELITE TOOLING (UK), which became TIVOLY Rotherham.
  • Acquisition of TRIPLEX, which became TIVOLY – merger of the sales teams and streamlined product offer.
  • Creation and launch of TIVOLY TOOLS in Shanghai

TIVOLY became a public company with a Board of Directors (Chairman: Jamy TIVOLY) and a Supervisory Board (Chairwoman: Marie-Thérèse TIVOLY).


  • Creation of TIVOLY INC. Derby Line (USA)
  • Construction of a logistics site at Albertville – La Pachaudière (currently  5,000m²)

Acquisition of ARDATZ in Spain, which became TIVOLY NECO in Elorrio in 1995, through the absorption of CASTILLO and LABORDE, 2 Spanish cutting tool manufacturers.


Acquisition of PERFOR in Bar-sur-Aube.

  • Listed on the stock market (EURONEXT NYSE FR 0000060949)
  • Acquisition of COGEFOM in Paris (which became TIVOLY)
  • Inauguration of a new TIVOLY production plant in Tours-en-Savoie: NANT VARIN.

Creation of the SFPP (Société des Forets de Plan Pitton) in Queige (for small drill-bits).



Acquisition of DELTAL in Saint-Etienne (which became TIVOLY).


A productivity and development plan was financed with the support of the IDI (French Institute for Industrial Development) and the South-East SDR . The investment represented 3 years of turnover; the plan was a great success.    

1961 - 1965

Upon the death of his grandfather, Jamy TIVOLY took over the company and focused on its development first through organic then external growth, at the same time exploring packaging innovations: metallic cabinets and storage (in collaboration with TIRO-CLASS) which were a great success, and the launch of the first blister-pack tools for the emerging DIY market.

1956 - 1961

He trained his grandson Jamy TIVOLY, who had returned to France after living in Egypt.



1945 - 1956

He continued TIVOLY’s development with the purchase of SERAX and specialised in the manufacture of high quality tools in high-speed steel or cobalt.

1940 - 1944

During the war, Lucien TIVOLY worked hard to protect his staff from the occupying forces. He was arrested by the Gestapo and was miraculously released. All the profits generated during wartime were redistributed to his staff.    



He launched manufacture of the extra-short drill-bit (suitable for electric drills).


He harnessed the energy of the Tours-en-Savoie River and used it to illuminate the village. He also developed drill-bit packaging through the invention of wooden cabinets.    


He obtained special permission to buy his first machines in England and the first drill-bits were produced at the Tours-en-Savoie plant in November 1917.    


Appointed by Ugine Steelworks (Savoie). The military authorities approved his ambitious project to construct a plant manufacturing cutting tools, essential for the weapons industry.



Born in Paris in 1888, Lucien TIVOLY was educated in Berlin.